Enough is Enough.

NOW announces #EnoughIsEnough

Over the past few months, women and men have bravely shared their stories and experiences, putting a face and a name to the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment in this country.

NOW is here to say Enough is Enough. Today, National NOW is launching a campaign to develop viable solutions to dismantle the culture of sexual assault and harassment. We are in the first stages of this campaign and we are relying on you to help us!

Do you or your chapter want to get involved with the campaign? Sign up with Rachel Motley to learn more information here and share this campaign with your followers on social media!

For more information: Rachel Motley, She| Her| Hers, Policy and Lobbying Specialist, National Action Campaign, National Organization for Women (NOW), Email: actionpolicy@now.org

Action Alert: Congress talks about tax cuts. What they really mean are cuts to crucial programs for victims and survivors!

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ (TCJA)


Congress will soon consider the so-called ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ (TCJA) bill to ‘simplify’ the tax code.  Sounds good, right?  What they are not telling you is that, according to both the Tax Policy Center and the Center for Budget Policy Priorities’ analyses, the benefits accrue mainly to the very wealthy and to corporations and will not lead to the job and wage growth the authors are claiming. Many low-and-middle income victims and survivors of domestic and dating violence will face new obstacles to financial safety—higher taxes that will leave them less money to establish financial independence and cuts to vital services.

Contact your Members of Congress and tell them to protect survivors’ safety and vote NO on the TCJA!!!  You can find your Senators and their contact information here and their Twitter handles here.  You can find your Representative and his/her Twitter contact information here.
OR use Democracy.io, an easy-to-use “free speech” tool that lets you instantly send your message to your Members of Congress. This free service is from the Electronic Frontier Foundation; neither Democracy.io nor the EFF is affiliated with the NTF.



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