Using the Law to Fight Poverty in Ohio

This is not a drill. You need to take action today to stop a House floor amendment that will defund Ohio’s current Medicaid  expansion. The budget bill Butler Amendment will be on the House floor Wednesday.

What you need to do: CALL AND EMAIL your House member or members TODAY and ask them to TABLE the BUTLER FLOOR AMENDMENT that would DEFUND EXPANSION. Call Democrats and Republicans.  Contact Information:  If you don’t know who your representative is, please visit:

What is the amendment and why do we think it will be offered?

* The amendment would remove all funding for Group 8 (expansion population) from the budget bill (HB 64) and remove all references of Group 8 from the Revised Code.

* The amendment sponsor believes that removing expansion from the budget bill will provide Ohio the best leverage to negotiate a better deal with the federal government.

Why should this risky amendment be tabled?

* Defunding expansion will cut off coverage for more than 500,000
needy Ohioans.

* Do we really want to play a game of chicken with the federal
government while more than 500,000 Ohioans’ lives hang in the balance?

* Expansion is working; don’t let Ohio take a step backwards.

Contact Information: If you don’t know who your representative is, please visit:


Equal Pay Day april 14th

The Paycheck Fairness Act has again been reintroduced and last year we had a lot of success broadening the pay inequality conversation by observing additional Equal Pay Days reflecting the pay gap for women of color. Let’s keep it up! An updated social media kit containing dates, graphics, sample tweets/posts, and additional resources is available on the NOW Leaders page. Please use the kit during the April 14th Twitter Storms at 2-3PM EST and 9-10PM EST as well as throughout the year.

At the current rate, women in the United States will not receive equal pay until 2058. Read the first report in the Status of Women in the States: 2015 series, Employment & Earnings>>

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Loretta Lynch
This highly qualified candidate is a long-time ally of the anti-trafficking, anti-violence movement, and the Senate has acted to secure strong leadership at the top. Without the confirmation, the Department of Justice cannot move forward to:

  • Implement the 2013 Violence Against Women Act – particularly establishing tribal courts to address domestic and dating violence on tribal lands, finalizing the VAWA provisions that protect LGBT survivors, and rolling out new sexual assault protections;
  •  Hold colleges accountable for civil rights violations arising from campus sexual assault and dating violence crimes; and
  •  Press for funding for grassroots domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking programs.

Loretta Lynch is more than qualified to be the Attorney General: Contact your Senators today (Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121) and thank them for their confirmation vote on Loretta Lynch.

 Senator Rob Portman email:

Senator Sherrod Brown email:


Registration for the 2015 NOW Annual Conference is now open!

 June 19-21, 2015

in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Hyatt Regency

 National Conference Sneak Peek

Last month, we shared with you some of the dynamic speakers you can expect to hear from in New Orleans. We’re so excited to give you another sneak peek of our incredible lineup of speakers:

Catherine Dent is perhaps best known for her starring role on FX’s The Shield as Officer Danny Sofer. A Baton Rouge native, Dent’s debut role was in 1994, playing Paul Newman’s daughter-in-law in Robert Benton’s Nobody’s Fool. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of features, including movies, television, and theatre. As a strong supporter of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Dent has been making presentations around the country about women in the film industry and the need for parity in media representation.

Deon Elaine Haywood is an internationally renowned activist for women’s health and human rights. Haywood serves as the Executive Director for Women with a Vision, a New Orleans-based non-profit, and has shepherded the organization into a vibrant locally-rooted international network to improve the lives of marginalized women, their families, and communities by addressing the complex intersection of socio-economic injustices and health disparities in their lives. Haywood is this year’s recipient of NOW Foundation’s Victoria J. Mastrobuono Women’s Health Award, which recognizes the work of a physician, researcher, health advocate, or a person of note who has made a substantial contribution to women’s health.

Don’t forget to register for the 2015 National

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