poster equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of sex


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We are organizing and moving, working for the passsage of the ERA.  There has been numerous conference calls across the nation including members in Oho NOW.

The purpose of the calls will be to go over what went right and determine a strategy for January in Illinois and moving the ERA forward.

For the phone number and code, contact Carolyn Casper.

More information contact: 
Carolyn Casper,  Ohio NOW VP Action,  carolyntc3@gmail.com
Jeanne Mariauray, Progressive Democrats of America, National Issue Teams Coordinator
Office (224) 338-8205 Mobile (814)  598-8532

Woman - HappySome of The Best  Moments for Women in 2014

IN A NUTSHELL: “As 2014 comes to a close, women have a whole lot to cheer about in pop culture, politics, sports, and art. Of course, this year, like every other year in human history, was ripe with misogyny, sexism, discrimination, and a long list of other terrible things. But since it’s the season of holiday giving, here’s a list of groundbreaking female accomplishments, notable achievements of brilliant and creative women, and heartwarming feminist bright spots.”

WHY IT MATTERS: “The midterms were hardly a watershed moment for women — lots of female candidates, including some of the most feminist, lost their races. But there are now 100 women in Congress for the first time ever, including the first female senator from Iowa and West Virginia, the first female governor of Rhode Island, the first African-American Republican congresswoman, and a 30-year-old making history as the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. The elections brought us female politicians who talked openly about having abortions, reproductive rights as a front-and-center issue in several states, no candidates who ran loudly on their anti-abortion platforms, a marked dearth of sexist gaffes (and the only candidate who made one lost). And feminist issues won on November 4, with voters rejecting radical anti-abortion laws and voting in minimum wage increases.” From: She Should Run [info@sheshouldrun.org]

united nations3NGO Committee on the Status of Women

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My name is Mamata Venkat. I am an Ohio native currently working with the NGO Committee on the Status of Women in New York City (NGO CSW/NY). Our goal is to promote and protect the rights of women through our Commission on the Status of Women Forum, which takes place each March in New York City.

Our President, Soon-Young Yoon, has been at the helm of an initiative to pass CEDAW into ordinances of cities across the United States. As I am sure you already know, EDAW has passed in San Francisco and, as of recently, Louisville.

I had been researching information on whether or not Ohio had any progress in passing CEDAW or moving a campaign along for CEDAW, and I came upon your website and your email address. I wanted to reach out to you and fill you in on what our organization is doing to promote CEDAW.

Our organization is currently hosting a monthly conference call through Maestro Conferencing, the purpose of which is to connect with leaders of women’s rights across the country in order. Our monthly meetings are a buildup to a National Conference call on January 20, in which CEDAW activists all across the country will meet on one giant call to discuss initiatives being put forth to discuss passing CEDAW into city ordinances with mayors. Each major city involved in this conference call will be hosting active events in their respective areas on this day, as well.

The reason I am reaching out to you is because Ohio has not been represented at all during this initiative, and I strongly believe that it needs to be.

I was wondering what your thoughts on this matter may be and if you wish to
become involved.

 For more information contact Mamata Venkat, Intern, NGO Committee on the Status of Women- New York

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