NOW Applauds Historic
Marriage Equality Decision for Ohio by the U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black 

GOV. Kasich’s Education plan

Ohio Governor John Kasich
Ohio Governor John Kasich

submitted by Ohioans United  It’s no secret that Governor Kasich is not a friend to public education. Since taking office he has cut over $500 million from public schools, and shifted that money into failing charter schools.  Sign our petition to stop John Kasich’s cuts.

Last week we sent you the highlights of widespread media coverage devoted to the issue, but on Monday The Youngstown Vindicator ran a piece that puts it perfectly. Sign our petition to stop John Kaisch’s cuts.

The vindicator had this to say: “Over the past 17 years, however, the realities have revealed an unsavory trail of mismanagement, greed, illegal activity, instability, lack of public accountability and anemic academic performance. What’s more, a troubling side effect has been the systematic disintegration of public school systems, especially urban districts such as Youngstown.”

Click here to sign our petition and fight against Governor Kasich’s cuts to public education, and spread the word by sharing with your friends and family.

GOP Misdirection, look to nevada

I couldn’t believe it. The GOP is attempting misdirection, moderating their rhetoric while supporting the same right-wing candidates. We can stop them — but we need your support!

On Saturday, in an attempt to be more “inclusive,” the Nevada Republican Party voted to strip objections to abortion and marriage equality from their party platform.

The weirdest part of the story? At this same event, it was decided the Nevada Republican Party would support Rand Paul (R-KY) for president in 2016.  Really!?

Whether they talk about our issues or not, we still know where they stand. We don’t buy their lies!  They think they can fool us by sweeping social issues under the rug. Instead of figuring out the “right way” to talk about issues that affect women, communities of color and the LGBQT community, they’ll just pretend we don’t exist — during the election.

Sen. Paul opposes marriage for same-sex couples and wants to ban abortion — even in cases of rape and incest. This is “inclusion”?

We’re not fooled. The GOP claims, over and over again, that they’ll talk about our issues in a more sensitive manner, that they’ll back off — but they never do.

This isn’t just happening in Nevada. Across the country, the Tea Party is
meeting in backrooms, trying to figure out how they can pull the wool over our eyes. We can’t let them.

NOW has already laid the foundation for a comprehensive campaign to register more pro-woman voters, counter voter suppression tactics, and educate voters about key issues.

But we need your support to make sure we’re in every state. Together, we can stop the War on Women.


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