August 26th, marks the 43rd anniversary of Women’s Equality Day.


Have you heard about what happened last week with both Capital Care Toledo, Columbus Clinic, and the Women’s Med Center of Cincinnati (Dr. Haskell’s clinic)?  It was quite a busy week with a win and a big loss…

I have some bad news to share, Complete Healthcare for Women (located on Cleveland Ave in NE Columbus) has made the decision to stop providing abortion care as a part of their OB/GYN practice.  You can read the Freedom of Choice-Ohio statement here: http://www.prochoiceohio.org/media/press/20140828.shtml

 Capital Care Toledo was in court on Monday morning requesting an emergency stay of the closure order from Ohio department of Health (ODH). ODH is trying to close the clinic because they argue that the transfer agreement they have with the University of Michigan is not valid because it does not meet the ODH definition (which actually isn’t defined anywhere) of “local”. Capital Care was able to secure this emergency stay and will be able to stay open while the case is argued in Lucas County Court. The judge seemed to want to move the case quickly so we may know something more 

Women’s Med Center of Cincinnati lost its appeal in Hamilton County Court on Friday when Judge Metz agreed with the Magistrate’s decision that ODH had the right to deny the variance and that the variance order is not able to be challenged in court. The judge also lifted the stay that was allowing the clinic to operate while they fought the case in court. Dr. Haskell and his lawyers are still weighing their legal options and have 5 days before they will be forced to close (the stay will be lifted on Friday). We will certainly let folks know as soon as we know anything. Also Dr. Haskell also filed a new lawsuit against ODH last week, accusing the department of abuse of regulatory authority in denying the variance and license. We will see what happens with this case.

On an amazingly positive note we had more than 50 people out supporting Dr. Haskell in front of the courthouse on Friday. It certainly was not easy, the anti’s were also out in force and they tried their best to intimidate and harass our supporters. But they were amazing and did not falter!! Thanks to everyone who helped build the crowd for the event, it was much better than we could have expected.

We are working on next steps in Toledo and Cincinnati and as soon as we have things finalized we will let folks know. by Jamie Miracle, Chair of Freedom of Choice Ohio and Policy Director of NARAL

Women’s Rights Billboards

Ultra Violet started a women’s campaign with their “Board of Tourism”.  These billboards in a number of Ohio cities show the wage discrimination, lack of access to reproductive health services and lack of paid family leave.

The cities, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland are targets for their campaign in Ohio.  Ohio NOW applauds Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) who is working with Ultra Violet to display  the billboards nationwide as they draw attention to the lack of equality.

Call the mayor of your city telling them that you want equal pay for equal work, help with the family, and access to full health care including abortions.

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