Fighting Back!

The war against women has intensified. On all fronts the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress are working to unravel women’s rights and civil rights, programs that support people with disabilities and the elderly, environmental regulations, & the safety net for low and middle income people.

That’s why multi-issue organizations like Ohio NOW  are so important, and you can be sure that every single day feminists are fighting back. We’re asking you to chip in whatever you can today to help keep our movement strong.

This summer, NOW and our allies have been fighting to save the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid funding, health insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, birth control without co-pays or deductibles, Planned Parenthood, and so much more. The overwhelming majority of people who benefit from these policies and programs are women, both as patients, workers, and caregivers. Any attempt to dismantle them is an attack on women’s lives, plain and simple.

We are in the fight of our lifetime and there is no margin for error. Our temporary win in the battle to save healthcare shows that we are a powerful majority, and when we fight together, we are too great to be ignored.

We’re counting on you to join Ohio NOW today and help keep this momentum going. No matter how big or how small, every member helps us organize, rally and activate in the fight for women’s lives,
Mark your calendar: Run to Win is coming to you!
We’ve rolled out our most extensive training schedule ever: We’re heading to 18 cities in the next six months — and we’re doing online trainings for the first time ever!

Run to Win!! Upcoming Trainings

Columbus  8/19/17

EMILY’s List candidate trainings are hitting the road! Candidate trainings are a great way to learn about the nuts and bolts of running for office, whether you’re thinking about running or already in. Find an upcoming training near you.

All of the Run to Win 101 trainings are for women who want to learn more about running for office. You don’t need to be planning a run to attend, just an interest in learning the basics of being a candidate for state and local office. Visit Emily’s List


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Attend the next Ohio NOW State Board Meeting to help organize on:

August 12, 2017 (NO JULY Meeting)

starting at noon @ Grandview Library, 1685 W. First Avenue, Columbus


We need your support to accomplish our goals for 2017.  Consider joining if not already a member and donating to OHIO NOW.