More than 30 proponents and opponents were slated to speak before the House Community and Family Advancement Committee, which held its second hearing on controversial legislation (HB 69) that would ban abortions at the point a fetal heartbeat is detected.

House Legislators expressed their support of the bills during the hearing by asking questions of the people testifying.

Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland)  asked about the cost of fighting this bill in the courts  because in previous cases $100,00-$250,00 was spent supporting in court.

Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) asked how this bill had changed from other bills in previous legislative sessions that had been overturned by the courts.

Rep. Ron Hood (R-Ashville), a joint sponsor of the bill, assumed the bill would be fought in the courts and asked  how an appellate court upholding the law might increase the likelihood the Supreme Court hearing this case.  Mr. Daniels continued that this law would be a “radical departure” from how abortion is currently viewed at the federal level and could lead the courts to change the stan

After the hearing, Chairman Rep. Tim Derickson (R-Oxford) said a that no timeline has been set for advancing the bill to the House floor.

For more information contact Michael R. Smalz, Senior Attorney, Ohio Poverty Law Center ,Phone: 614-824-2502  Email: msmalz@ohiopovertylaw.org


March 10, 2015 was National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. This year, we want to put the spotlight on the courageous doctors and staff of three clinics we know are working hard, despite continual threats against them, to provide crucial reproductive health services to women who need it most. Join us in sending them our thanks!

Proposed Ohio Budget for 2016-17

Governor Kasich’s 2-year budget contains a number of policies that could impact Ohio women.

The good: the budget contains additional funding for child care, preschool and maternal health and funds training for public colleges and universities to deal with sexual assaults.

The bad: the budget makes low-income women pay more for Medicaid coverage, forces many women who become pregnant or are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer to shop for insurance in the private market, and threatens the employment of thousands of women employed as independent home health care providers. And the proposed tax changes benefit the wealthy while raising taxes on the lowest-income Ohioans, the majority of whom are women.

View our latest budget briefing to see some of the ways Kasich’s proposed budget could impact the women of Ohio.


Registration for the 2015 NOW Annual Conference is now open!

 June 19-21 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Hyatt Regency

Happy Women’s History Month! Here is some important information about voting at the National Conference.  This year’s conference hosts a Strategy Summit & Bylaws Convention at which NOW’s members will discuss, debate and vote on modernizing NOW’s organizational structure. Therefore, it’s important to understand how, as a NOW member, you can become eligible to vote!

Please review the PowerPoint presentation National NOW Conference Credentialing Overview. In this presentation you will learn how members become delegates and the process for credentialing delegates so that they may vote at the National Conference. This is a great opportunity for new NOW leaders to learn the ins and outs of the credentialing process and a helpful review for more seasoned leaders.

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