April 26, 2017 Angry Trump adviser blames ‘fake news,’ abruptly leaves university panel after only five questions

April 26, 2017 Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces $15 minimum wage bill. The Hill: “Sanders will reintroduce a $15 minimum wage bill Wednesday, attracting support from some Democrats such as Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), who previously supported a smaller minimum wage increase. Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.) will drop a companion bill in the House.”

April 26, 2017  Idaho company defends using blatantly racist imagery on its trucks

April 26, 2017 GOP judge shocks fellow Republicans in NC by resigning to allow Dem governor to choose replacement

April 18, 2017 Bleak future for non-college educated. Bloomberg: “[Economists Anne] Case and [Angus] Deaton have a theory for why mortality has risen for less-educated whites. For all the debate over whether college is worthwhile, high school graduates who go straight into the workforce have higher unemployment, weaker wage growth, and less chance of marrying than their predecessors and educated peers. Community supports have broken down, and as disadvantage snowballs, premature deaths rise … While blacks and Hispanics without college degrees are also falling behind economically and socially, middle-age mortality has worsened for whites in particular over the past 20 years … ‘For whites, their reference group is previous generations of whites,’ said Shannon Monnat, a Pennsylvania State University professor who studies the opioid epidemic in rural America. ‘When they look back on their parents and grandparents, it feels like their generation is doing worse.’”

April 17, 2017 Armed Trump fans are contemplating a shooting war with progressives and anti-fascists

March 27, 2017 A local jewelry store in Asheville has put up a sign saying “Sometimes, it’s okay to throw rocks at girls,” with the pun being that diamonds are rocks, too. Web sites and Facebook pages quickly erupted with negative reaction to the billboard near Interstate 240, erected by Spicer Greene Jewelers.  Read more here: CLICK

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