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Great Info Re: STOP VICTIM-BLAMING in Rape Cases

The Alleged Rape in Steubenville, Ohio 

 Case Summary:— The Rapists Reportedly DRUGGED the 16 Year old Girl & Took the Unconscious Girl Against Her Will to 2-3 Different Parties That Night and Raped Her Additional Times There Only 2 Rapists Have Been Charged With Rape, Although There Were Reportedly More Than 2 Rapists— Kidnapping Charges Have Been DROPPED & Charges Have Been REDUCED from Rapists Being Charged as Adults, to Now Being Charged as JUVENILES– The Rapists Took Naked Photos & Other Photos of the Girl During the Rapes & Posted the Photos on Internet – on Instagram & Tweeted About the Rape— The Hacker Group “Anonymous” Leaked a Video of an Adult Ohio State Student, Michael Nodianos, (Wearing an Ohio State T-Shirt) & Former Steubenville Student & Possible Witness to the Rape and Possible Member of the “Rape Crew” Laughing about the Girl Being Raped and Making Jokes Like “They Raped Her Harder Than the Duke Lacrosse Team”* Watch Video of Michael Nodianos Laughing at Rape Victim:
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Below is the link to the petition which I hope you will all sign and pass on to your chapters and other groups. Please click the link below to add your name.

MEDIA ALERT For Immediate Release   January 31, 2013

Contact: Jackie Hillyer, President of Ohio NOW Cell (440) 998-1022; (440) 998-4933
Contact: Randy Burton, Founder of Justice for Children : (713) 358-1762 (office)

 Steubenville Rape Case: Ohio NOW, Justice for Children, and Other National Organizations Call Upon Ohio Attorney General to Charge Man Laughing at Rape Victim in Video With Failure to Report a Crime

 The Ohio National Organization for Women (NOW) has joined with Justice for Children and other national organizations (including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the feminist group, UltraViolet) in sending a letter concerning the Steubenville gang rape case to Ohio State Attorney General, Mike DeWine. The letter urges DeWine to investigate and file criminal charges against the man shown in the now-infamous video laughing at a rape victim, for Failure to Report a Crime, under Ohio law. The letter also states that any other persons responsible for this crime should be charged.

Jackie Hillyer, President of Ohio NOW stated, “Those who fail to report the crime of rape must be held criminally accountable. We expect Attorney General DeWine to take rape seriously and send a clear message to the community that those who rape a woman, those who aid and abet the crime, and those who fail to report it will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We expect Mr. DeWine to enforce the rule of law, and hold those who break Ohio law accountable.” 

Randy Burton, founder of the national child advocacy organization, Justice for Children, stated, “While many have said that the Ohio man in the video, Michael Nodianos, was simply making offensive remarks about the rape victim that did not rise to the level of a crime, the reality is that the video provides compelling evidence strongly suggesting that Nodianos knew a rape had occurred, yet failed to report the rape to the police. In our opinion, this indicates he is criminally liable and should be charged under Ohio law Revised Code § 2921.22 with Failure to Report a Crime.” 

Mr. Burton continued, “It is my belief, based upon my experience as the former Chief Prosecutor of Family Violence in Houston and as a child advocate, that Mr. Nodianos should be investigated and tried for the crime of failing to report a felony rape. Nodianos states several times in the video ‘they raped her’ and acknowledges that the 16 year-old rape victim was unconscious and, therefore, unable to consent during the rapes, by referring to her as ‘dead’ and ‘dead girl.’ Given this compelling evidence, Justice for Children is joining Ohio NOW and other national organizations in calling upon Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine to fully investigate Michael Nodianos and, should Attorney General DeWine agree with our assessment of the admissions by Nodianos in this video, charge him with failure to report.” 

“The nation is watching Attorney General Mike DeWine’s actions in this case. We expect Mr. DeWine to take this matter seriously and demonstrate his alliance with victims of rape and with justice for this young girl and crime victims everywhere,” stated Ms. Hillyer.

For Documentation on the alleged rape: