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November 12, 2016 Drug corporations and their lobbyists on Capitol Hill are back (actually, they never went away). They just announced a new $100 million dollar lobbying blitz to protect and expand their ability to price gouge the American people. Now, they’re trying to sneak through legislation by the end of the year that would raise drug prices by barring access to generics.

Their new scheme has been inserted inside a bill called the 21st Century Cures Act, and would give drug companies an additional six months of exclusivity. Exclusivity is the monopoly power for a drug corporation to charge as much as they want to with no limit. If passed, this bill would limit our access to new drugs and would be a taxpayer funded giveaway to the drug corporations of $12 billion dollars.[1]

Don’t let Congress sneak through a massive handout to drug companies during the lame duck session. Sign the petition demanding Congress protect the American people from outrageous drug prices. We must limit and reduce drug corporations’ monopolies, not expand them. 


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