On June 14th Judge Thomas Lipps will decide if the convicted rapist Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond will have to register as sex offenders. He will also determine whether they will be moved from a state facility to another called Paint Creek that has no security, jail cells, bars or fences. BACKGROUND

Sarah Bakhshian,, has started a petition at to try and stop the transfer and ask the judge to make them register as sex offenders. If you could help this petition take off that would be great!Thank you for your time, the link to the petition is below.
4/26/13  NBC News Steubenville:Ohio NOW President, Jackie Hillyer, Was Interviewed on NBC News Re: Prosecuting Coach Reno for Failure to Report Rape of 16 Year Old Girl * Watch Video: (Forward to 24 seconds in – Steubenville Grand Jury is discussed – Jackie Hillyer/Ohio NOW President’s interview is included)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A local case that grabbed national attention is back front and center after investigators removed evidence they think may be related to the Steubenville rape case.Armed with three search warrants, investigators with the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation hauled out bags of evidence and computers from Steubenville High School, Steubenville Board of Educationand a Northeast Ohio private company called Vestige Ltd.When NBC4 spoke to Attorney General Mike DeWine, he said the search warrants are all about finding out if others should be charged in connection with the crime.It is a move that those who petitioned for a larger investigation are happy to hear. Sixteen witnesses refused to cooperate during the trial of two Steubenville High School football players who were convicted of raping a 16-year-old West Virginia girl. During that trial, a text message used as evidence indicates others at the school may have known about the assault and didn’t report it.

Jacqueline Hillyer, president of the Ohio chapter of the National Organization for Women helped deliver 80,000 signatures to the AG’s office because her group wanted to make sure the investigation did not stop with the prosecution of just the two boys.“If the football coach was aware of the situation and did nothing to report it, then he is in serious violation of a state law,” said Hillyer. She is also a school board president for Buckeye Local Schools in Ashtabula.

“Out of this should come the sense that you cannot just cover up and circle the wagons and pretend nothing happened to save your reputation,” she said.

Investigators at the London, Ohio-based BCI will be searching through the seized evidence, building a case for the Jefferson County grand jury that meets next Tuesday.

“We do think some good can come out this. Hopefully there will be school programs that include dating violence in their anti-bullying programs, so the kids are aware of bystander responsibilities and aware they don’t have to be victimized,” Hillyer said.

The 14-person grand jury will not only look at who knew what before and after the rape, but how the kids got ahold of so much beer and alcohol.

April 26,2013  Steubenville Search Warrants Gather Evidence For Grand Jury

3/18/13 Statement from Jackie Hillyer, President…Following the decision in the Steubenville rape trial, Ohio NOW will be involved in the follow-up. We will push for legislation and education to reduce the incidence of rape, especially in high schools and colleges. We will also look at the possibility of getting sponsors for state Title IX legislation.

Thanks to everyone involved in this highly successful action, especially the Ohio State students and the men who joined us at Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office and encouraged him to pursue charges of Failure to Report a Crime, which was rarely mentioned, if at all, before we made an issue of it. Notice also that following our meeting, Mr. DeWine is using the term ‘rape culture’ which I introduced in our conversation. This could well lead to an effort across the state to educate teens and adults responsible for them in dating violence and rape.