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ALERT TO OUR FRIENDS OCTOBER 10, 2013: I hope all of you saw that the ACLU of Ohio filed a lawsuit against three of the anti-choice amendments recently passed in the state budget. There was a press conference in Cleveland, and I’d like to pass along the video in case you want to share it. 

Also, if you want more information about the lawsuit, all material can be found here. The ACLU is challenging these three amendments as unconstitutional because they violate the single-subject rule in Ohio’s Constitution. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Adrienne Gavula, LISW Associate Director, Regional Office ACLU of Ohio, (614) 586-1959 agavula@acluohio.org

Take action to oppose the BUDGET BILL

Ohio state legislators have a responsibility to develop laws that protect all Ohio’s residents, but state senators chose to radically restrict the health and rights of women in our state. If Ohio’s senators do not reverse course, the state budget could dramatically restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortionthroughout Ohio.

Please take action today!  

1. Contact members of the Budget Conference Committee and urge them to remove these provisions from the budget — and to keep any other restrictions on women’s health choices out of the state budget. 

These legislators are on the Budget Conference Committee: 

Rep. Ron Amstutz, 614-466-1474, rep01@ohiohouse.gov 
Rep. Jeff McClain, 614-644-6265, district 87@ohiohouse.gov 
Rep. Vernon Sykes, 614-466-3100, district34@ohiohouse.gov 
Sen. Scott Oelslager, 614-466-0626, oelslager@ohiosenate.gov 
Sen. Bill Coley, 614-466-8072, coley@ohiosenate.gov 
Sen. Tom Sawyer, 614-466-7041, sawyer@ohiosenate.gov
 2. Contact Governor Kasich. Urge him to veto any provisions in the budget that restrict women’s health choices, including those listed above. Governor John Kasich, 614-466-3555, www.governor.ohio.gov for an email contact form.  

Email your senator, representative, and Governor Kasich right now and tell them to remove these attacks from the budget:


We believe a woman’s rights shouldn’t depend on her zip code or income. All women in Ohio-no matter what-must have the right to make her own personal and private health care decisions.

When state senators cast their votes on the budget this week, they should stand with Ohio women and reject the misguided amendments that inject politics into women’s private lives.

Tell your senator, representative, and Governor Kasich to stop playing politics with your healthcare:

Adversaries Over Planned Parenthood Funding Renew Debate

Link to Gongwer News Service, www.gongwer-oh.com, April 12, 2-13 for full story.