HB 120

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Rep. Matt Lundy

Rep. Matt Lundy

Reps. Matt Lundy and Denise Driehaus have sponsored HB 120 which would establish a panel to review pay disparity among men and women working in similar jobs.

Mr. Lundy said Ohio women earn, on average 77 cents for every dollar that men earn for the same work, creating a significant gap.

Pay equity would make it more likely that women would be able to pay for mortgages, utilities and other needs.

Rep. Denise Driehaus

Ms. Driehaus noted that gender-based pay disparity particularly hurts single mothers and said pay disparity is one part of a larger cultural divide in which women and men seem to be treated differently. “Men have a far better chance of entering political officer or becoming a company executive,” she said. “Men are much less likely to be judged for promiscuous behavior and have a significantly lower chance of becoming a victim of sexual assault. At least one in four women will become victims of domestic violence. Men do not risk losing their jobs if they decide to become a parent.”

“We’ve created a culture that devalues women in nearly all aspects of our lives: pay certainly, but also in relationships, the workplace, elected office, leadership roles and the way women are portrayed in the media.”