October 20, 2015
Chancellor Carey announces initiative to address campus sexual assault in Ohio
Today, Chancellor Carey from the Ohio Department of Higher Education announced the Changing Campus Culture initiative, which contains recommendations and implementation strategies for all Ohio campuses (public and private, two-year and four-year) designed to help prevent and respond to campus sexual violence.
In addition to outlining implementation and funding strategies, the initiative includes 5 key recommendations:
  1. Use data to guide action.
  2. Empower law enforcement, staff, faculty and students to act through evidence-based training.
  3. Communicate a culture of shared respect and responsibility.
  4. Develop a comprehensive response policy.
  5. Adopt a survivor-centered response.
Addressing Campus Sexual Assault
OAESV believes that effectively addressing sexual violence on each of Ohio’s campuses requires a sustained, institution-wide and community-wide commitment reflecting the following factors:
Partnerships with local rape crisis centers and coalitions are critical.
Confidential resources for survivors are needed.
Comprehensive primary prevention strategies have the greatest impact.
Student leadership must be embraced to end sexual violence.
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December 2014 Campus Sexual Assault has risen to the top of news coverage with the release of the Rolling Stone Article and the rebuttal by the University of Virginia fraternity named in the article that they had no party on the alleged night of the gang rape. NTF in the message below encourages us to stand with and believe the traumatized rape survivor because we are all – or could be – “Jackie.” The Mother Jones Article below has wonderful graphics that we all should print and post them on our walls or wear them like billboards to remind us to never give up until the violence stops. Pat