HB 151

Copy of Bill

HB 151 would enact sections 4119.01, 4119.02, 4119.04, 4119.05, 4119.06, 4119.07, 4119.08, and 4119.99 of the Revised Code to prohibit any requirement that employees of private employers join or pay dues to any employee organization and to establish civil and criminal penalties against employers who violate that prohibition.  

Rep. Kristina Roegner

Rep. Kristina Roegner

Sponsor: Representative Kristina Roegner

Cosponsors: Representatives Thompson, Boose, Adams, J., Becker, Buchy, Maag, Wachtmann, Young, Lynch, Brenner, Blair, Beck, Terhar, Rosenberger, Stautberg, Hood