When you establish a bequest to the Ohio National Organization for Women, Inc. you do more than endow a program or the operational budget, you create your feminist legacy. You endow your commitment to fighting violence against women, supporting Lesbian Rights, working for women to control their bodies, ending racism, and ensuring that women have equal opportunities in education and business. These are ideals that your endowment will carry forward for generations to come. With every distribution from your legacy, your name will echo as a person who believes in our feminist values of equality for women.

An important way to create a legacy is through a will. Every person, no matter what other estate planning arrangements exist, should have a will. A will provides a clear and specific understanding of how you want to transfer your assets. Even if you have a will and an estate plan, it is important that they be reviewed periodically to ensure that they continue to take into account evolving circumstances and tax laws.



  1. I hereby bequeath to the Ohio National Organization for Women, the sum of $ ________ (or ____ % of my estate) for its general purposes.
  2. I hereby bequeath to the Ohio National Organization for Women, the sum of $ ___ to establish an Endowment Fund to be known as the _________ Fund (your name or names of your loved ones). The net income of which is to be used for the following stated purpose _______________________.


Legacy Will Kit

To help you plan your estate, Ohio NOW has prepared a “Will Kit” folder to assist you in gathering all the information that your attorney should need. The folder will also make it easier for your loved ones, in the event of your disability or death, to locate important estate information.

For a copy of the “Will Kit,” send a check for $10.00 to Ohio NOW, Kathy Helmbock, Treasurer, 4021 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45209 requesting the kit. Include your mailing address. The amount of the check includes the cost of printing and postage.

Other Legacy Options

Ohio NOW understands that everyone has a unique family and financial situation. Making a bequest through a will may not be the best method for you. However, your legacy gift of any size can be designed to match your personal circumstances. Some can be completed without the help of an advisor, although you are always encouraged to consult a professional to insure that your charitable plans are consistent with your plans for other loved ones. The following are options for leaving a feminist legacy.

CHARITABLE BEQUEST IN YOUR WILL – You can create a permanent legacy by leaving a specific amount of cash, a percentage of your estate or the remainder of your estate.

GIFT USING APPRECIATED ASSETS OR CASH – When you create a legacy with a current gift of cash or other property, your fund may be used to pay an annual gift to the charity of your choice.

IRA OR PENSION PLAN – Naming Ohio NOW as the after-death beneficiary of your IRA pension fund can save on income and estate taxes while supporting the causes closest to your heart.

LIFE INSURANCE POLICY – Life insurance is an advantageous and inexpensive way to create a legacy. You can purchase a new policy naming Ohio NOW as owner and beneficiary, or transfer an existing policy and name the Ohio NOW as the owner.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY – Charitable gift annuities allow you to safely increase your income. Transfer cash or stock directly to the organization of your choice, and you will get a guaranteed fixed return for life.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST – Charitable remainder trusts allows you to provide an income for yourself and/or your family, receive significant tax advantages, and make a meaningful contribution.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST – Charitable lead trusts offer a creative giving strategy if you want to reduce or eliminate gift and estate taxes on transfers to family while providing significant support to the organization of your choice.

GIFTS OF PROPERTY – If you own real estate and have held it for more than twelve months, giving a gift of property can be a great way to minimize the taxes paid on your current income and your estate.

We urge you as a feminist to speak with your lawyer about including a charitable bequest to Ohio NOW. Your legacy will enable, well into the future, the life enhancing work you so generously support today.