Many NOW activists are task oriented as we go about the work of changing the world. 

  • If  a piece of legislation needs to be passed, we plan a lobbying campaign to pass it.
  • If an individual or a group comes to us because they have been denied their civil rights, we set about targeting elected officials or corporation heads to right the wrong.
  • If the chapter is asked to join in a national action, we swing into action with buses and sign-making parties.
  •  If we need to increase our education on issues, we attend NOW and community conferences, workshops and classes.

To change the world, we need people to become involved.  However, we have young adults, single women, older women, unemployed women, under-employed women, and other women who cannot afford to participate because they do not have the resources.

To build our financial base for this and provide for current actions we need your contributions.  One way you can help is by participating in our “Scholarship Program.”  With this program, you are targeting your donation toward a specific purpose or person.  You can help other women continue their work with NOW.

Check out the topics below and decide where you would like your money allocated.  Then print out the form and write a check to Ohio NOW.  Send it to Ohio  NOW Treasurer,  Kathy Helmbock, 4021 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45209.

I would like to add support to the Scholarship Program with $500 ____ $100____ $50____ $ ____ other

Check the program you would like to support:

$_____  for women to attend NOW and community educational conferences
$_____   to ensure that we keep abortion rights for women
$_____   to work on Lesbian rights for women
$_____   to provide administrative support for women
$_____   to advocate on legislation for women at the Statehouse
$_____   to help elect feminist candidates
$_____   to support other programs for women, explain _________________________________________________

$_____ total enclosed for the Ohio NOW Scholarship Program

Your Name ____________________________ NOW Member yes no

Address ________________________________________________

City____________________State____ Zip ___________________

Phone ___________________ Email _________________________