Dr. Elizabeth J. Farians April 10th, 1923 – October 21,  2013  http://www.veganearthus.org/APE-Connections/About%20Dr%20Farians.htm  & http://cincinnati.earthsave.org/elizabeth.htm

Dr. Farians started three chapters of the National Organization for Women, including the one in Cincinnati that in 1969 became the first in Ohio.

Comments from Kathy Helmbock: Remember her well.  Elizabeth was a co-founder of Cincinnati NOW in 1969, along with Maggie Quinn and several other people.Don’t know which other two chapters she founded.  Maybe in another state.

She was not active when I joined the chapter  in January, 1972.   It  met in Maggie’s large home until the middle of 1973.We moved to First Unitarian Church, where we still meet today, first Monday
of each month..Elizabeth handed out vegan lierature at a fairly recent national confewrence.  She was very committed to the issue of animal rights.