S. 2200

Oppose the Workplace Advancement Act Call your Senators today!

woman on phone4NOW partner AAUW has long urged Congress to act to address the gender pay gap – but we know that not all reforms are created equal. On Monday, the Senate will likely vote on the Workplace Advancement Act (S. 2200), a well-meaning but wholly inadequate equal pay bill that would do more harm than good.

We need your help immediately. Call your Senators today to urge them to oppose the Workplace Advancement Act (S. 2200) and vote NO on cloture.

The Workplace Advancement Act contains a non-binding Sense of the Senate that recommits Congress to existing equal pay law, which as we know is too weak to close the gender pay gap. This faux fair pay bill puts forth only one solution to address the gender pay gap: a weak and narrow non-retaliation provision that requires workers to use legally magic words when initiating discussions about pay. This provision could, in fact, give women a false sense of security that could end up costing them their job. The Workplace Advancement Act also fails to close the many loopholes used to justify discriminatory wages, missing the chance to make critically needed improvements in pay discrimination protections.

The Workplace Advancement Act offers women faux pay, not fair pay. Call your Senators today to urge them to vote NO on cloture and to OPPOSE this bill. Sadly, the solutions offered in this bill are naive at best and disingenuous at worst.