abortionroundThe US Supreme Court recently ruled to protect abortion access in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Emphasizing how much courts matter, this historic victory reaffirmed that each of us deserves compassion, respect, and dignity when making decisions about our body, health, and future.

Now it’s time for our lawmakers to act. Urge Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect abortion access nationwide.

Since 2010, state politicians who don’t want abortion to be legal have enacted 300+ restrictions to push abortion out of reach. As a result, there are now sharp disparities in access to safe, legal abortion across the US, with barriers most harming women struggling to make ends meet, women of color, and immigrant women.

Tell Congress it’s time to act by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act. This bill would ensure safe, legal abortion will continue to be available no matter where a woman lives, safeguarding her ability to make her own faith-informed decisions about her body, health, and future.

Speak out today to urge Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act!