Clean drinking water is a human right.
Yet, all across the country our families are drinking dangerously contaminated water, especially in low-income communities, Indian reservations and communities of color.
Since 1977, federal spending on water has dropped by 75%, leaving cities and states to pick up the bill. And to make matters worse, private water corporations like Veolia and Suez are taking advantage of this crisis to privatize water systems across the U.S.
The crisis in Flint will just the beginning if we don’t act now. We can’t let greedy corporations and weak regulations put our families at risk.
The WATER Act — Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability —  will provide dedicated funding by closing corporate tax loopholes to keep our public water and sewer systems up to date and protect our drinking water for generations to come. It includes special funding for the most contaminated communities — including American Indian reservations.
Jessica Juarez Scruggs, National People’s Action