petition2Do you want to know how much of your online life the government can access without a warrant?

Emails, direct messages on Twitter, texts, chat messages, private photos and comments on Facebook and Instagram, your address book and calendar — anything that’s more than 180 days old.

With all the fighting going on right now over our online privacy and security — from NSA overreach to the battle pitting Apple against the FBI — it’s amazing that there’s a bill that would fix this warrantless snooping problem. And it’s the most popular bill in Congress (really — there are 310 co-sponsors).

But the bill’s stuck in limbo. Tell Congress it’s time to pass the Email Privacy Act.

The Email Privacy Act is a much-needed update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a law passed 30 years ago.1 That law is full of dangerous loopholes that leave tons of our private communications vulnerable to government searches just because they’re stored in the cloud.

No one likes the old law. If the new bill went to a vote it would pass in a landslide. But it hasn’t even gotten a vote in committee.

Even with a Congress known more for gridlock than progress, moving this bill forward should be a no-brainer.

Tell Congress it’s time to move this bill and protect our privacy rights online.

We need to close these loopholes and work toward a secure digital future for everyone.

Thanks for all that you do—

Sandy, Candace, Matt and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team

P.S. Think the government has the right to read your emails to your significant other? We don’t either. Tell Congress to pass the Email Privacy Act.