Act Now: Oppose the Working Families Flexibility Act

Tomorrow, April 26, Congress will markup the deceptively-named Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180), a smoke-and-mirrors bill that would result in a loss of overtime pay for millions of working people.

We are committed to greater availability of and access to a high standard of benefits and policies that promote work-life balance, which are critical to achieve economic self-sufficiency for all women. But the Working Families Flexibility Act would provide the exact opposite – cutting overtime pay and limiting flexibility for working families.

With Congress poised to act on H.R. 1180 this week, it’s crucial that your lawmakers hear your concerns now. Click here to write your Representative and tell him/her to reject the “faux flex” bill, the Working Families Flexibility Act!

H.R. 1180 claims to offer flexibility to employees by allowing them to convert overtime work into paid time off (“comp time”) for family responsibilities. It sounds good on the surface, but what it really does is erode longstanding overtime protections and create a law that would offer hardworking people a false choice between time off and money earned.

Many Americans struggle to meet the demands of job and family, as well as to make ends meet. The Working Families Flexibility Act is not the solution to employees’ needs for time off for family responsibilities. To truly support working parents and caregivers, Congress needs to enact legislation that ensures all employees have access to paid sick days, to paid family and medical leave, and to pay equity.

Tell Congress: the Working Families Flexibility Act is an empty promise that would cause considerably more harm than good. Take action now to oppose this harmful legislation.